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Why Choose Us

Selecting a logistics firm is an important decision for your company. Your company must be able to depend on its freight forwarder in order to uphold and continue its own engagement of quality and services towards your own customers, while considering service level, flexibility and cost. At Brauning Reed Logistics, you receive so much more than just a standard logistics company. We know that true success is about customer satisfaction, so we’ve made it our goal to continue to develop the services that will save our customers time and money. By being a medium size company, BR Logistics can elaborate a tailor-made solution to all its customers. At BR, we listen, adapt, and provide efficient results for all your needs.

You choose us because, we are and have:


BR Logistics is a recognized and completely independent freight forwarder. That is why our rates are most advantageous. Our competitive edge is a result of our ability to choose amongst different shipping lines and multi-national forwarders. Our objective is to select the best and the most cost-effective route(s) for your shipment.


When you choose Brauning Reed International (Logistics), you choose a carrier you can count on. With first-rate end-to-end logistics management, we carefully set up and schedule everything from picking up the load to its final destination. Our logistics staff is highly skilled in coordinating every detail, from pickup scheduling, to final destination.

An equipment breakdown doesn’t just cost us money--it costs you, too. That’s why our trucks and trailers are maintained to the highest standards for optimal up-time and reliability, and why we require our owner-operators to maintain their equipment to the same high standard. As good as that is, all that well-maintained equipment isn’t worth a penny without skilled drivers behind the wheel.

Our drivers are skilled professionals with first-rate training and experience. When hired, each driver must undergo a driving records check and a thorough background check to ensure that we have drivers that you can trust, even with sensitive, high-value, or escorted freight. Each driver takes great pride in what he does, and shows it through how he does his job. BR provides all drivers with specialized freight training so that they have the knowledge and skills to secure any load you may need to have transported. Each truck is equipped with the tools and materials need for load securement, including wood, nails, load bars, and other necessary items for load securement. When you transport freight with us, you will have the peace of mind that comes with complete confidence in your freight arriving where it needs to be, on time and damage free.


Technology has made communication with clients, shippers, receivers, and drivers easier than ever...and more complicated than ever. We utilize a combination of strategies to provide an optimal means of communication from load scheduling to final destination. Some of our clients prefer to communicate via email, while others still prefer the phone. No matter what your preferred mode of communication is, we’ll take care of business.
Communicating with our drivers is key to ensuring that your load gets delivered on time, every time. Keeping in touch with our drivers throughout the day not only helps us stay on top of your load’s status, but keeps the driver updated with any new details that have emerged. This way, he can remain focused on delivering your load safe and secure to its destination, free of any worries.


Highly skilled staff + state-of-the-art technology=WOW.
Our staff has the best training available, making them proficient with the software and technologies they use to plan loads. The result: a quick, efficient logistics process that delivers on time and saves you money.


Life is full of give and take, and trucking is no different. Sometimes, things go wrong. No matter what happens, we take immediate action to resolve the issue and get your freight moving again.
Maybe the load is moving on schedule, but you realized you couldn’t accept delivery until the next day after the original delivery date. No problem--we’ll take care of it, delivering the load when you are able to receive it. If you need a load delivered sooner than originally scheduled, we will do everything we can to accommodate you. Just give us a call, and we’ll work it out.


The most valuable part of any relationship is trust. Without it, we have nothing. Trust is the cornerstone upon which we have built our business. Our integrity is evident in every aspect of our operations. If we tell you that it’s going to cost a certain amount per mile to haul a load, you can bet that’s what you’ll be billed for. There are no hidden fees or other shady tactics.


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